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Megan, your baby boy was so adorable.  He looks just like his big sister.  My sister Cori and I shot Megan’s kids together.  Cori had this adorable birds nest that I think is so appropriate for a sweet little baby.  This shoot was really fun. aagrover 240editbloigaagrover 188editblog

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  • Cori - Such cute pictures Laura! It was fun shooting this with you!

  • Leah - What a cute little girl and precious baby! I love Matilda Jane’s!!!

  • Camille - Oh I love the bird nest! Super adorable. Love them all! So, so, so cute!

  • Sarah - Too stinkin’ cute!!! Oh my gosh, Laura! I am becoming your biggest fan!!!!!

  • Mia - So adorable! I especially love the third one up with the pumpkin! Her face is so cute!

  • Kaylene Bitter - How sweet! What a cute couple of kids. I am amazed every time I see your pictures, you do such a wonderful job!

  • teara - I love all of these Laura. Great job

Oh how I love this family!  Jen it was so fun spending Monday afternoon with you guys.  Your kids are some of the most well behaved beautiful kids I know. aaagifford studio 081editlBLOG

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  • Camille - Oh my word Laura! These are DARLING!!!! You are a fabulous, I mean fabulous family photographer. Helps to have great models and the Gifford family is as cute as they get! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the colors and coordinating outfits! Jen, you have a beautiful family!

  • Cori - Laura! I love those pictures! I especially like the family one outside! I love what they’re wearing! I love the Gifford family and I hope Austin is still okay with that arranged marriage to Brielle:)

  • Teara - Laura these are by far my favorites you’ve done. They are all so adorable. I love the color choices and the scenery.

  • Amanda - So cute! I really like the outdoor setting! Great Job!

  • Leah - A model family for sure! I love those!!

  • Cori - Laura, I love that last pic! How did you do that shooting in the sun like that?! I’m impressed!!!

  • Nancy Olson - Love the pics, Laura. So natural…Love the colors…amazing!!

I had so much fun photographing this family.  What cute kids and I absolutely loved their outfits.  Aren’t they so photogenic.  There was a lot of wind that day but I loved the effect the wind had on the pictures.

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  • Cori - I love those Laura! Those look so good!

  • Camille - It’s nice how candid and carefree these photos are. The setting is gorgeous! I love the effect of the blowing wind – looks so real and true to life. I love it! These are super crisp and clear too. You did an outstanding job!!!!

  • marisa - Thank you SO much Laura. We all love the pictures! This is EXACTLY what I had in mind. You are the best! Let me know when everything is ready and I will pick it up. Thanks again, I am so happy we found you to take our pictures =)!

  • Sarah - What a model family! I love how all their outfits coordinate. My absolute favorite is the one of the mom kissing her little one! WOW! And I love the one of the mom and dad laughing! Way to capture their personality!

  • Mia - I especially love the first family picture the best, but they are all amazing! What a darling family they are!!!

  • Melanie R - Beautiful! I wouldn’t have thought the wind could add so much!

  • Teara - Laura, I love these. I love what Mom is wearing. They all look awesome.

  • Teara - Oh and I love the new blog.