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Rachel’s shoot was amazing.  I felt like I was photographing a professional model.  I mean, come on, who looks like that for reals.  So gorgeous.  Rachel has been a cheerleader at American Fork High school and is going to college at UVU in the fall.  She’s smart, pretty, and seriously the nicest person you would ever meet.

  • Cori Henderson - She is beautiful!

I was so amazed by all of Heather’s talents and abilities.  She is just a tribute to what a great person her Mother is (who happens to be a high school friend of mine).  Heather is going to BYU this fall.  She is a dancer a pianist, and has obtained a scholarship.  Throughout it all Heather is truly humble.  I had to ask lots of questions to get that information out of her.  What an incredible young lady!

  • Cori Henderson - Wow! She is smart and talented! Such a cute session!!!