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I can’t believe how big McKenna is getting.  It seems like yesterday that we did her six month pictures.  I have to say she was a little harder to catch as a one year old.  She was everywhere.  She is totally the cutest little chunk of a baby.

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She was in this chair for about one second before she climbed (fell) out.  So sorry about the hands but I really liked her expression.

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And then she was off.

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So we decided to trap her in a basket.  No where to go.

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She figured that out and was not happy about it.


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I’ll post the pictures of McKenna eating her birthday cake tomorrow.  So cute.

  • Lori - very cute!

  • Melanie R - Cute little girl, definitely full of energy. I actually like the one with mom’s hands it makes you laugh because the picture is great of the baby and you can tell she is not going to be their for long!

  • kim g - I haven’t stopped by in a while, I love your new look and changes!

    What an adorable one year old and I love the top she has!! Fun pics!

  • cori henderson - Laura! Those are adorable! Her eyes are so big and blue! I LOVE her little dress. Did Kristen make that? If she did I will pay her to make one for Brielle and Sierra just like that. I love it!

  • Kristen - Laura, I amazed at what you can do with such a little pill for a model! Her look in the first one reminds me of my mom and her sisters.

  • Camille Larsen - Love how you captured her personality! good job!

  • Teara - She is so cute. I love that dress she is wearing! Great job

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