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It was so much fun doing this birthday shoot.  Cameron showed so much personality.  He really is just a big cuddly teddy bear that you want to snuggle.  I can’t even explain how cute and special this little guy is. 

It went from Hmmmmm. . . . . . . what do I do with this?







And then the party was over. . . . . . . . .


  • Tracy - Laura…
    LOVE the last one sooo much. I love that Cameron.

  • Lizzy Peterson - Laura, Those are so stinkin cute! He looks so dang happy!!!! And that cake!!! I love all of them! You are amazing!

  • Lori - What a cute baby he is! It seems you captured his little personality so well.

  • Melanie R - That is hilarious! What a great shoot, perfectly wonderful cake too! I love his fat rolls and then to end in tears so CUTE! That baby is a charmer.

  • cori henderson - Oh my heck! He is seriously so adorable I can’t even stand it! That cake is so cute too, I love the messy pictures!(and the crying ones too:)

  • Lore - I Love My Chubs! You captured his personality perfectly! These will put a smile on anyone’s face that see them!

  • Teara - Oh my gosh Laura!!! These are SO cute. I absolutely love that last one. It made me laugh out loud:)

  • Trina - Laura, your photos are amazing. That little boy is absolutely adorable. I wish I could have gotten birthday pictures like this for my little ones!

  • Marisa - I can’t stop laughing. The crying pic will for sure be in his wedding video, mark my word.

  • Kaylene - The first picture is so cute, it’s like he’s trying to be sneaky by just tasting the cake with how he’s looking to the corner to see if he’s going to get caught. And like the others have said the last one is memorable! So great! As usual awesome job!

  • Chrissi Harris - Holy cow, these pictures are adorable!!!

  • Kim Hansen - I want to adopt him! Those are some of the cutest birthday pictures ever!

  • Courtney - Okay, YOU are amazing, you totally rock! These are adorable!

  • Jennifer - This is still the #1 BEST EVER 1st birthday shoot in my book. Does it get any cuter than that?

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