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It was so much fun playing with these cute little puppies.  My kids couldn’t get enough of them.  Oh, and the kids are adorable too. View full post »

Alpine Rodeo Pictures

Hey and look who’s there. . . . .my family having a great time. Yes, that is boogies coming out of his mouth –  notView full post »

Baylee and her pony

David went up to Idaho to purchase two brood mares.  When he came home he had a surprise for the kids.  Little Navy.  Baylee is over theView full post »

Twins turned 6

It has been crazy around here this past week.  The kid’s are out of school and we’ve had three birthday’s in our family. View full post »


Baylee and her friend Hailey brought the bunnies in the house the other day.  I wanted to capture how cute they are before they got tooView full post »

We got one more yesterday

Our stallion Buck’sNMoore’s second baby arrived this year.  This one is such a darling buckskin filly. I’ve been asked ifView full post »

Spring is here!

This time of year is so much fun for us because of all the baby animals running around.  My husband wanted me to take a picture of hisView full post »

A Long Break

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  It was great to spend some much needed down time with my family.  I’m just starting to open upView full post »

Baylee’s newest Love

Things get switched up around here all the time.View full post »

Horse Lesson’s

When I dropped Baylee off at her horse lesson’s tonight Jennica was with me wearing her Halloween costume.  She picked that weddingView full post »

The Chicken

I was playing around with my camera today while my kids played outside.  I snapped this one of our chicken who is laying one to two eggs aView full post »


What a cute family.  Baby wasn’t too happy but I think we got some shots of her anyway.View full post »